Saturday, March 28, 2009

Another Blue Chippah for Harvard!

Even with all my bias, I think that with this latest signing, Harvard most certainly has the #1 recruiting class in the nation - particularly with the hit Notre Dame took when Cam Fowler bolted for Major Junior.

David Valek - 6'2'' 215 power forward from the USNDT has signed with Harvard and will join the Crimson in 2009. Valek has a 6-13-19 line in 40 games this year with the national team. In international tournament play, he is the 2nd leading scorer for the team with a 4-4-8 in 8 games.

In the CSS Mid-Season rankings, Valek was ranked #76.

With Everson, Leblanc, Valek, Fallstrom, Rempel, and Ford - Harvard will likely have 6 NHL draft picks in the Class of 2009.

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Anonymous said...

This sounds like great news! Harvard had a tough season this year and things are hopefully looking up (knock on wood).

Thank you for running this blog and do keep up the awesome work!