Tuesday, March 3, 2009

New England Prep School All Stars Announced

These awards were voted on by the coaches:

East Forwards:
Chris Kreider, Andover (Jr.) (Chose BC over Harvard)
Dan Weiniger, Exeter (Bowdoin)
Wayne Simpson, Lawrence (Union)
Tom Larkin, Exeter (Colgate)
Thomas Kader, Tabor (?)
Mike Condon, Belmont Hill (Princeton)

West Forwards:
Wade Megan, South Kent ( BU)
Mark Goggin, Choate (Chose Dartmouth over Harvard)
Robbie Bourdon, Taft (Colgate)
Jake Goldberg, Berkshire (Jr.) (Undecided)
Kevin Goumas, Canterbury (Jr.) (Undecided)
Danny Biega, Salisbury (Harvard)
Mac Bennett, Hotchkiss (Jr.) (Michigan)
Alex Vazzano, Gunnery (Jr.) (Union)

Noticeable omissions include Andy Isles (Cornell) and Steven Whitney (BC)


Anonymous said...

There's probably a lot of crossover between Bruins and Harvard fans, so I'd also note that Mark Goggin was Boston's 7th round pick in the last draft.

Too bad he chose Dartmouth because I think Brett Nowak was the last Crimson player to also be Bruins property. Is that right?

Anonymous said...
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