Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Anders Lee to Notre Dame

Anders Lee has decided on Notre Dame and will enroll for the 2010-2011 season after spending a year with Green Bay of the USHL.

He could have come to Harvard for the 2009-2010 season if he had wanted to.

Good luck to Anders and too bad for Harvard.

Monday, December 29, 2008

More on Everson & Iles

Big coup for Cornell on Andy Iles as he committed to his hometown team for 2010. Puts Cornell in the driver's seat for the top 2010 Class in the ECAC as he could very well be the top goalie recruit in the country for that birth year.

As for Everson, HockeysFuture had the following scouting report on him:

As good as Marshall Everson was last year as a junior, he’s even better this year as a senior. To start with, he looks stronger out on the ice and that’s reflected in his great play all over the ice. His added physical strength has also enhanced the power in his skating without sacrificing speed.

Everson is a very strong two-way winger who plays almost equally as well defensively as he does offensively. He uses his size and strength to great advantage, especially when it comes to battling for puck possession. He is a tough competitor who plays with a bit of an edge and never backs down when challenged. Everson is basically a player who you’d love to have on your team, but would hate to have to play against.

Two of Everson’s greatest attributes are his hands and his vision. He can make plays at high speeds and distributes the puck really well. He also possesses great stick work, which can be seen in the way he takes away open lanes and spaces.

Everson currently leads the Hornets with seven goals and is tied for second on the team with 13 points through eight games.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Luzar to the Crimson

Mark Luzar, a 6'3 200lb LD out of Mississauga, committed to the Crimson for the Fall of 2011. He is one of the top defenseman out of Eastern Canada and has a 1/1/93 birthdate.

Interesting that Harvard has a 2011 recruit before it has landed a player for 2010.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Biega Follows in Footsteps; Iles Considering the Crimson


This is probably no big surprise to anyone but 5’11” Salisbury RD Danny Biega will be joining his brothers at Harvard next fall. It’s official now.Biega, a Montreal native in his second year at Salisbury after coming down from the Lac St. Louis Lions Midget AAA squad, will be at Harvard with both brothers, junior defenseman Alex and sophomore forward Michael, for one season. After that he and Michael will be Crimson teammates again the following year.But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. For Harvard fans who have yet to see Danny, we should tell you he’s a different kind of player. Whereas Alex has the happy feet, loves to zing quick and hard passes, and has a lot of flash to his game, Danny is more of a traditional d-man – he’s gritty, tenacious, and thrives on going into the dirty areas and battling opposing forwards. But he also has a good stick, and offensive skills that are perhaps a little overlooked. Last season, as a junior, he was Salisbury’s leading scorer among defensemen with a 4-13-17 line in 25 games. Biega is a late ’91 – 9/29/91, to be exact – so he isn’t eligible for the NHL draft until 2010.
Many schools wanted Biega, who is a co-captain at Salisbury this season, but weren’t able to get far. It came down to Boston College, which offered a full scholarship, and Harvard, which offered the opportunity to play with his brothers. There’s a fourth and final brother in the pipeline, and that’s Mark Beiga, a 5’9” defenseman who, like his brothers before him, is playing for the Lac St. Louis Lions Midget AAA. Mark, though, is just 14. He’s a ’94, the youngest player on the team. We haven’t seen him play, but we can tell you that you don’t play in the Quebec Midget AAA League as a 14-year-old without having some serious talent.

As long as we’re on the subject of serious talent, we are expecting that Andy Iles, an Ithaca, NY native and Salisbury’s junior goaltender, will be making his decision soon. The five schools on his list: BC, UNH, Cornell, Harvard, and Providence College.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Recent Q&A with Louis Leblanc (Courtesy of McKeen's)

McKeen's: After 15 games into the 2008-09 USHL season, your rookie and only season in the USHL, you're adjusting fairly well and averaging about a point per game.
Leblanc: Yep.
McKeen's: With that said, what have been some the biggest adjustments for you coming out of Quebec midget AAA?
Leblanc: Probably the speed and the size of the players. It's a lot faster game. You've got to keep your head up more often, I guess. It's a lot faster.
McKeen's: In what other ways is the USHL different from Quebec midget AAA?
Leblanc: I guess it's more up-and-down hockey, it's a lot more hitting. The guys are also older. We have a 15-year-old on our team, but also ranging up to 20-year-olds. Last year I had 16 and 17-year-olds.
McKeen's: Going back to your time with Lac St. Louis, you put up over a point per game as a 15-year-old.
Leblanc: Yep.
McKeen's: Which is a pretty good year, and over two points per game last season as a 16-year-old. Noting that, what were some of the highlights of your time with Lac St. Louis and what were the areas of your game that improved the most during those two years?
Leblanc: Well, the first year, I think, me and my buddy on the team, we had 31 goals. Then, the second year, I got 54 goals. I just think I had a lot of practices. I played a lot, so I had a lot of icetime. I was on the powerplay, PK, double shift. I think my endurance went up, and my shot, and my speed. Overall, I think those were two good years for me.
McKeen's: Now, this year, what are some of the areas of your game that you're focusing on improving with the Lancers?
Leblanc: Probably my shot, my d-zone, working on the d-zone coverage, getting the puck up. It's just trying to improve everywhere, and getting bigger.
McKeen's: On the other hand, what would you say are your existing strengths as a player and what type of style do you consider yourself or that you'd like to play?
Leblanc: Probably a two-way player. I like playing in our d-zone, the corners. I like when it gets a little tough. Then, I like making good breakout passes to my wingers, and then going to offense and trying to create something out there.
McKeen's: I remember a play tonight like what you described, where you were helping your defensemen down low, got the puck, skated from behind the net and started the breakout. Now, this summer you were selected to Canadian U-18 Selection Camp, and you were the only player not playing with a major junior team to be selected to that camp. So, what was it like to be named to that camp?
Leblanc: Oh, it was obviously a great honor. Representing Canada is a big deal for me, and it should be a big deal for every hockey player. I went out there to Calgary and I didn't know what to expect. You know, major junior guys, oooh, and whatever. I just went out there and worked hard, and I guess they liked what I put out for them on the ice and then I left for Slovakia and had a pretty good tournament there.
McKeen's: That goes perfectly into my next question, because you played for Team Canada at the Ivan Hlinka Memorial Tournament and had three goals and two assists in four games, and you guys won the gold medal. Tell me about that experience.
Leblanc: It was great. We left from Calgary, it was a long flight, we got there, our stuff wasn't there, our sticks weren't there, so we couldn't practice the first day. But, when the stuff arrived, we practiced. We had a little rough game against the U.S., still managed to win that, and then we just picked it up from there. It was a battle, but we got it done.
McKeen's: Who were some of your Team Canada teammates on that team that impressed you the most and why?
Leblanc: Probably Taylor Hall and Matt Duchene, and maybe Jared Cowan on defense. They're just phenomenal players. I played with Matt and Taylor on a line, and the puck was just on your stick and you just had to tap it in. It was fun. It was a good experience.
McKeen's: How did you find that you matched up with your major junior teammates?
Leblanc: I think I did pretty well. We had Simon Despres on defense and Hubert Labrie on defense, and I think we were the only three from Quebec. I think I still managed to do pretty well. I put up some good numbers. I was a little impressed at the beginning, but I found I could play with those guys.
McKeen's: Not surprisingly, having represented your country, you've also represented your province.
Leblanc: Yep, at U-17s.
McKeen's: Yeah, at the Canada Winter Games in 2007 and then the usual World U-17 Hockey Challenge. Going back to 2007, what was it like to play for Team Quebec, since you'd just turned 16?
Leblanc: Yep, underage.
McKeen's: And then going to Whitehorse for the tournament.
Leblanc: Yeah. It was special. I was invited to summer camp, and I was a little disappointed. So, I started off the season strong and I showed the scouts, or whatever, that I should be there, got the tryout, made the team, and then off to Whitehorse. I don't think I'm ever going to go back there again, but it was fun. It was a different mentality, a different game. It was cold, obviously, but it was fun. It was still hockey.
McKeen's: That was a special event there, because they had a teams from every province, including Yukon and including the Northwest Territories, and I saw the Yukon was in your pool. What was it like playing Team Yukon and what was the reaction of the Canadian fans to having something where every province but Nunavut was represented?
Leblanc: It was fun. I think we played them in the first game. We started off soft. We really didn't think they were going to be that good. But, they had a pretty good team. I think they actually scored the first goal on us. It was the first game of the tournament, but we fought back and won 5-1, I think, that game. The fans were going pretty wild.
McKeen's: Whitehorse is a place that very few other people will end up going to in their lives, so tell me a bit about that area.
Leblanc: I think they built a lot of stuff just for that tournament. They built a sports complex and stuff for all the events, because it was not only hockey, it was wrestling, curling, figure skating, and more. It was alright. It was obviously a lot of snow. The food was alright, all the athletes ate at the same place, and we had busses. We didn't do much. We just played, ate, and slept.
McKeen's: Going back to the World U-17 Hockey Challenge, you led team Quebec in scoring with three goals and three assists in five games, with the normal combined provincial teams, except for Ontario and Quebec.
Leblanc: And countries were there, too.
McKeen's: Right, you beat me to that. What was it like at that event and how did it compare to the Canada Winter Games?
Leblanc: I think it was stronger than the first tournament I was in. The players were my age now, so it's kind of hard to compare. There's more players, more countries, and I think the overall play was a little faster. It was more an NHL-type of play.
McKeen's: Back in May you committed to Harvard. When did Harvard start talking to you, what was the recruiting process like, and what made you decide Harvard was the right place for you?
Leblanc: I think it started off after my first year of midget in Lac St. Louis. They started talking to me and wanted my transcripts and stuff to see if my grades were good enough. It was hard. It was a hard decision, but I had only a few schools in mind, and I just thought it was the best option. If I'm going to college, I want the best education possible. If the NHL doesn't work, then I have the best degree to work with. So, that was my main thing, and I think I could still be an NHL player going to Harvard.
McKeen's: There have been players from Harvard before and some still making a real go of it now.
Leblanc: And the coach played in the NHL.
McKeen's: Yeah, Ted Donato.
Leblanc: Teddy Donato's there. So, I think it's a special place to go.
McKeen's: If I might ask, what were some of the other programs that were pursuing you?
Leblanc: There were a few. I think it came to down to Vermont, BU, BC, and CC, UMass, I think Michigan was calling, and RPI.
McKeen's: A nice collection of programs. Off the college track, you were selected in the first round of the 2007 QMJHL Entry Draft, by Val-d'Or with the 18th overall pick, and you were considered as a candidate to go much higher, but there was the college thing, and you decided to go the USHL/college route. So, and you touched on this some, what made you decide to go this route?
Leblanc: How it works in Quebec is after your first year of midget, teams start talking to you and you have interviews. I told every team that I don't want to go to major junior. If you're going to draft me, you're just going to waste a pick. The first teams were smart, they didn't take a chance, they knew I wasn't coming. Then I guess Val-d'Or thought I had a deal with the Quebec Remparts, but I didn't have a deal. I just wanted to study, in case I didn't make it to the NHL. I just wanted something safe, you know? If I bust my knee tomorrow, at least I'm going to Harvard and I can do something with my life. That was the main reason.
McKeen's: Usually a Harvard degree means something.
Leblanc: Yeah. A little bit (smiles). Yeah.
McKeen's: You were also drafted in the second round of the USHL Futures Draft, and that was when Mike Hastings was the coach for the Lancers. What did the Lancers tell you at that time and did you have any reaction or concerns when Hastings went to Minnesota?
Leblanc: No, not at all. Obviously he recruited me, I guess, with their scouts and stuff. I came down to visit, I met him. I thought he was going to stay. But, hey, he got a job at the University of Minnesota. It's the world of hockey, everyone wants to move up. If I get a call tomorrow for the NHL, I'm going to go, you know? I guess it's normal, and he talked to me, he explained his situation, and he gave it to coach Littler, and said he was an excellent coach and things would be under control. I stuck with it and I just came down and talked to Luc, the owner, Robitaille. It felt like a good place, and so far I'm happy.
McKeen's: It is kind of cool having Luc Robitaille as your owner.
Leblanc: Yeah, for sure.
McKeen's: You're projected by some as a potential late first-round pick, second-round pick in the 2009 NHL Entry Draft. Do you ever think about or envision that, and if so, what do you see?
Leblanc: Not really. Right now, I know it's coming, it's in Montreal, too, and I come from Montreal, and there's going to be a lot of pressure. There's obviously a lot of pressure this year to put up points and play well. I'm just having fun right now, enjoying the times, and trying to get better. I'm not focusing on that right now. In June, I'll start worrying about.
McKeen's: Right, or maybe May, since there's a good chance you'll be invited to The Combine.
Leblanc: Yeah.
McKeen's: That'll be fun. Lastly, who were, and maybe are, some of your favorite players and who are some players you'd like to equate to?
Leblanc: I guess maybe Vinny Lecavalier. He's a good overall player, a good centerman, big centerman, good shot. He just works hard, he's in there, he puts up nice points, and I like his skill. (Pauses to think some more) Obviously the Crosby's and Ovechkin's, just their work ethic and stuff is unbelievable. I also kind of like Steve Begin for the Montreal Canadiens, a grinder in style. He's a fun guy to watch and I've been to the Bell Center a few times to watch the games, and he's out there and plays with heart and just has fun.
McKeen's: Definitely. Begin's a nice fourth-line player.
Leblanc: Yeah.

Marshall Everson

A bunch of people who have seen Edina play have offered up some good takes on Everson. They are as follows:
1) Stood out to me much more so than Budish (Zach) or Lee (Anders)
2) Terrific finisher
3) Hard nose for the puck and puts up a lot of PP goals - Frequently in right place at right time
4) Does not create as much offense for himself as Budish and Lee do

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Back in the Swing

After a brief hiatus these last 2 months (similar to the Crimson over the last 5 games), I'm ready to get back to posting with some more regularity.

1) Still awaiting final word from Anders Lee. Last I heard, it was between the Gophers, Pioneers, and Harvard.
2) Dan Federico of the Jr. Bruins out of the EJHL. He's a 6'1'' 195lb '92 defenseman from Acton, MA. think UNH may be looking at him as well among others.
3) Danny Biega - I would assume that him coming to Harvard is a formality, but he was recently heralded as the top defenseman in the Founders League. He's a senior at Salisbury, but Heisenberg lists him as a 2010 recruit so I wonder if he will do a stint in the USHL before matriculating at Harvard.
4) Steve Rogers - He's back at St. Sebs after a sting in Ann Arbor on the national team. Haevn't heard much about him recently, but with older brother Doug at Harvard, Harvard should be in the mix for his services.
5) Phillipe Hudon - 6'1 freshman forward out of Canada is supposed to be a stud. We are real early here, but USHR called him the top newcomer in the Founders League. Keep in mind that he is a '93 and only a frosh.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Hockey for a good Cause!

Have any of you ever seen Harvard play at Lynah? Well, for this Harvard fan, I seized the moment in 2004 and enjoyed one of the finest hockey memories to date. Harvard lost the game 2-0 (should have been worse), but the atmosphere was electric and exciting and regardless of the outcome it was just a fantastic night of hockey.

In any event, a Cornell hockey fan is auctioning his 2 center-ice tickets to the game at Lynah which takes place on Friday, November 21st @ 7PM. The proceeds of this auction will benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Watching a great hockey game on top of donating $ to a great cause? I can't think of a much better combination. Details below:,132774

Monday, September 29, 2008

Meland to Princeton

Eric Meland will matriculate at Princeton. I know that Harvard had shown some interest. Might this mean that Anders Lee is on the way?

Friday, September 26, 2008

Harvard bests BC for Rempel

After losing a # of hotly contested recruiting battles to Boston College (most notably Chris Kreider), Harvard finally came out on top for a very highly regarded defenseman, who won a championship with Avon Old Farms last year, and who has taken his talents to the USNDT this year. He will come to Harvard in the Fall of 2009.


The Boston College hockey program is currently on such a roll that losing recruiting battles is almost unheard of.

But that's exactly what's happened, as 6’3”, 200 lb. U.S. Under-18 Team defenseman Brendan Rempel has committed to Harvard University for the fall of ’09.Rempel, who had narrowed his final choice to just those two schools, is a Willington, Conn. native who played the ’06-07 season at the Pomfret School, then last season transferred to Avon Old Farms, where he grew into his body, and blossomed, gaining confidence while playing on a powerhouse team that went 27-1-0 and capped things off by winning the New England Prep School title.

Rempel continued his strong play at the Select 17 Festival in July, and was named to the U.S. Under-18 Select Team that played in the Memorial of Ivan Hlinka Tournament in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. From there, he was invited to spend his senior year in Ann Arbor with the Under-18 Team.

A right shot, Rempel posted a 0-14-14 line for Avon last winter. He’s eligible for June’s NHL draft.

Welcome to Cambridge!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Adversity for the Crimson

Well, you usually hear stories like this from other programs. I will leave out names, but we all know which programs walk a very fine line with regards to ethics, judgment, etc.

In any event, it seems that Harvard will be without the services of 2 of its key players for next season. The two players are Kyle Richter and Jack Christian. I have not heard definitively the reasons and I'm not going to rumor monger, but they were obviously serious enough to warrant a decision that must be very dificult to bear.

What does this mean for Harvard? Well, they go from probably a solid #2 finish (Princeton is the clear favorite) in the ECAC on paper, to probably a #4 or #5. And the ability to move up and down from those numbers will be significant- that is what happens when you have to rely on goaltenders with no college hockey experience. We all remember 1989 with Roy & Hughes...but we also know that is the exception as opposed to the role.

Taking a year off from competitive hockey...any competitive sport is devastating. Not only is it very difficult to recreate game-like situations, but mentally, it can be even harder. Both players will have to regain the trust of their teammates, who I am sure at some level feel like they have been let down. However, Harvard is entering the season fully informed of all of this and can prepare accordingly. Having your chemistry altered mid-season is a much tougher pill to overcome.

In any event, adversity can be an interesting enigma. It can bring a team closer together and be something they can rally around or it can be a source of division and excuses. I think we will all learn about the type of character in Harvard's dressing room and the type of leadership that exists.

I am confident that Harvard will come through okay!!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Catching Up

Been a while since I posted, but thought I'd update a few tidbits:

1) Brendan Rempel, a senior defesneman at Avon, but opting to spend his senior year on the national team, is supposedly down to BC and Harvard. BC recently outgunned Harvard for Chris Kreider.

2) Eric Meland, #1 from his class in North Dakota and playing this year in the USHL at Lincoln, may end up at Harvard.

3) Anders Lee is still very much considering Harvard.

4) David Valek, a senior forward on the national team, is supposedly also being looked at hard by Harvard.

Looking forward to the season. This year's freshman come in with a lot of accolades and I expect a few (Grimshaw and Killorn in particular) to have an immediate impact.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Billy Arnold to Boston College....

Courtesy of USHR:

Noble & Greenough RC Billy Arnold, the top ’92 in Massachusetts, has committed to Boston College.

Arnold, who repeated when he entered Nobles, will be a 10th grader this season, and will matriculate at the Heights in the fall of ’11. A 6’0”, 215 lb. native of Needham, Mass., Arnold had, in 29 games as a freshman at Nobles, a 13-23-36 line.

This spring, he was invited to join the U.S. NTDP, but opted to stay at Nobles.From Aug. 19-24, Arnold will be playing for the U.S. Under-17 Select Team at the Five Nations Tournament in Prievidza, Slovakia.

Other schools in the picture for Arnold were BU, UNH, and Harvard. On this one, though, the Eagles, who considered Arnold a must-get, appeared to have the upper hand from the get-go.

Arnold is a tenacious player with good skating skills. He’s extremely strong on the puck, utilizing his low center of gravity to drive to the net. He thinks the game well, and both gets open and finds the open man. He’s very dangerous down low, has a quick release to his shot, and is not afraid of heavy traffic. He carries a bit more weight than he should, but he’s also just a couple months past his 16th birthday, so that is something that can be worked on.

Before going to Nobles, Arnold played at the Fessenden School, a pre-prep in West Newton, Mass.

D'Amigo to RPI....

It appears that LW USNDT-18 player, Jerry D'Amigo, has selected RPI over Harvard, Notre Dame, and Miami. I did not realize that Harvard was pursuing D'Amigo, rather his teammate, David Valek.

With the Under-17 Team, D’Amigo, in 64 games, posted an 11-17-28 line with 75 pims. He’s described as a smart player who can make plays and create offense. On top of that, he is also very competitive, physical, and a leader.

Looks like a solid win for RPI....

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Alex Fallstrom to Yale....I mean Harvard in 2009!!

Well, USHR seems to say Harvard, but Chris Heisenberg (who has been known to make edits quickly - see Anders Lee - has left Fallstrom has a Yale recruit. It appears (per USHR) that Fallstrom had planned on going to Yale about a month ago, but has since changed his mind and wants Harvard. Can you blame him?

In any event, here is the skinny on Alex:

He is currently a Junior at Shattuck-St. Mary's - the perennial prep school hockey dynasty in Minnestoa. as a junior, he had In 62 games for Shattuck, he had a 20-47-67 line with 28 pims, which was good for 6th on the team (Greiner was 4th with 80 pts) overall and best among Juniors.

Fallstrom is a power forward and plays a hard-nosed game. He skates well, has good hands, a good shot, and a knack around the net. A junior at Shattuck this past season, he has three options for the fall. He may return to Sweden to play Under-20s there, he may follow J.P. Parise to Des Moines, or he may return for his senor year at Shattuck.

Other blogs ( have said that Fallstrom is their favorite forward at SSM.

Welcome to Harvard Alex!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bonjour Louis!

Well, as both reported by Heisenberg and Cyberpresse, it appears that Louis will don Crimson in 2009. this is a significant recruit that is getting high accolades for the 2009 NHL Draft. He could be a potential 1st rounder.

Reportedly, he will spend next season in the USHL plaing for Omaha and then will play for Harvard in 2009.

A write-up from January of 2008:
Louis Leblanc (2009), RW, Lac St-Louis Lions (Midget) Was the leading scorer and best player on the team, as he played on the first line and registered a bulk of the PP time .. a fluent, and swift skater who generates good speed on his crossovers .. he has an extra gear, which allows him to separate himself from defenders in open ice .. he challenges defenseman out wide with favorable success .. an offensive-minded player whose skill set marries well with his physical edge .. he bullies himself into all areas of the ice and has the coordination to bat down loose pucks and stay involved with most plays .. he willingly comes back to defend and often likes to log the puck out of his own zone since team Quebec lacked a true, bona fide offensive defenseman capable of making a first pass .. leading goal scorer, he has ok finish but at times, tried to do it all by himself, which resulted in him being caught deep and odd man breakouts going the other direction .. shows promise and ability to become a good power forward

Welcome to Cambridge!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Louis Leblanc to Harvard?

There have been several mentions that Louis Leblanc will go to Harvard in 2009. What I have read and heard is nothing I would deem definitive, but stay on the lookout for more news on this front.

Opinions will span the spectrum, but many feel that Leblanc is a potential NHL first rounder. He was the best player for Quebec at the recent U-17 tournament.

Monday, May 5, 2008

NHl Central Scouting

I apologize for taking a brief hiatus from the blog. In any event, there hasn't been a ton of news as of late, but NHL Central Scouting did release its final rankings. I've tried to highlight all of the relevant players below:

Joe Colborne - #28 - Denver (Harvard was in running) (Up from #30)
Mark Goggin - #103 - Dartmouth (Harvard was in running) (Up from #142)
Anders Lee - #112 - TBD (Harvard is very much in running for) (Up from #174)
Marshall Everson - #117 - Harvard (younger brother Max is an up and comer on the blueline) (Up from #172)
Antoine Laganiere - #126 - TBD (Not heard Harvard in mix, but should be) (Down from #104)
Nik Pokulok - #132 - Clarkson (Younger brother of former Cornell blueliner) (Drop from #96)
Peter Starrett - #185 - Harvard (Not previously ranked)
Ryan Grimshaw - #205 - Harvard (Up from #210)
Matt Hoyle - #27 ranked Goaltender - Harvard (Down from #16)

Friday, March 14, 2008

Anders Lee to Harvard?

Rumors are flying today (and now officially confirmed by Heisenberg and now it has been taken off of Heisenberg's site) that Anders Lee (6'2'' 188lbs) has committed to Harvard for 2009. Anders is a junior forward for Edina and plays on the same line as Marshall Everson. He is a 2 sport star and while not scoring goals on the ice, he is throwing TDs for Edina's football team.

He had a line of 32-22-54 in 31 games, good for 3rd on the team after Everson (Harvard) and Budish (Minnesota). Ironically, this was Edina's huge line and arguably, the best line in the state.

Like Everson, he is rated a B prospect by Central Scouting. Unlike Everson who received Honorable Mention, as did Budish, Lee was selected as 1st Team All-State and is a very likely finalist and potential winner of Minnesota's Mr. Hockey award next year.

Harvard is really following up its 2008 recruitng with a vengeance. Everson, Grenier, and Lee - 3 of the most highly regarded forwards out of Minnestoa. Could it be the next line of fire?

Don't know if this has been falsely reported or it's a done deal, but not official yet....but as soon as I hear, I will update. This would be a great win for Harvard if true.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Catholic Memorial Captain to Don Crimson

It's official. Peter Starrett, a defenseman at Catholic Memorial, has decided to join the Crimson, spurning offers from crosstown rivals BC and BU, who both wanted Starrett to play a year of junior hockey.

Starrett is listed at 6'3'' 195 which sounds like he has to continue to grow into that frame.

He's got a 4-15-19 line in 17 gmaes thus far.

With Christian, McCafferty, Tallet, Huxley, Biega, and Morin returning....and Grimshaw and Starrett arriving (only MacDonald departs), there will be some serious competition on the blue line in Cambridge next season. This is as good a group of defenseman that Harvard has had in quite some time.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Peter Starrett to the Cantabs?

This has yet to be confirmed by the usual reputable sources - USHR, Heisenberg, etc - but in a Cathlolic Memorial game write-up, the following paragraph implies Starrett will be donning Crimson next year:

"The Eagles plight didn't get much better at the start of the third as Peter Starrett, who will ply his trade at Harvard next season, gave CM a 4-2 lead just 21 seconds into the third with another quick shot from the blue line."

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Prep All New England Teams Announced

2007-08 All-New England East Team

Ryan Purdy, Sr., Exeter

Derrick Pallis, Sr., Nobles (Princeton)
Mike Daly, Sr., St. Paul's (Holy Cross)

Bobby Farnham, Sr., Andover (Brown)
Wayne Simpson, Jr., Lawrence (Union)
Andrew Glass, Sr., Nobles (Boston University)
Jason Bourgea, Sr., St. Paul's (Dartmouth)

2007-08 All-New England West Team

John Yanchek, Sr., Hotchkiss

Tommy Cross, Sr., Westminster (Boston College)
Connor Goggin, Sr., Choate (Dartmouth)

Adam Pawlick, Jr., Salisbury (Clarkson)
Alex Killorn, Sr., Deerfield (Harvard)
Cam Atkinson, Sr., Avon (Boston College)

Friday, February 8, 2008

Minnesota Pipeline to Harvard continues....

Luke Grenier, a speedy forward from heralded Shattuck-St. Mary's has committed to Harvard for the Fall of 2009. Listed at 5'9 175 lbs, Luke's final decision came down to Harvard and St. Cloud State. He will play next year in the USHL at Sioux Falls before matriculating at Harvard.

Through 44 games, Luke has a line of 23-36-59, which is good for 4th on the team behind David Toews (North Dakota in 2008), Derek Stepan (Wisconsin in 2009) and Jordan Murray (Wisconsin in 2008).

Make no mistake about it, this is a huge win for Harvard. Welcome aboard Luke!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Daniel Moriarty Commits to Harvard

Daniel currently leads the Alberni Bulldogs out of the BCHL in goals with 23, assists with 27, and points with 50 in 46 games so far this season, or good for 1.1 pts per game. "Daniel has been a leader for us, both on and off the ice this season as our team's captain. He has been a great role model for our younger players and an example of what hard work and perseverance will allow players to accomplish," according to his coach.

It was reported that Daniel raised his SAT scores over 300 points since joining the Bulldogs....a testament to his character and work-ethic no doubt. He is an '87 birthdate.

He's a right shot and is listed at 5'9'' and 180lbs. Prior to the BCHL, Daniel played for Melville in the SJHL. He also looks like he plays with an edge as he took 130 PMs in 58 games last year.

Welcome to Harvard!!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Derrick Pallis to Princeton?

While I have not seen an article that explicity makes this determination, I have seen several references, most recently in USHR, that Pallis is heading to New Jersey.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

NHL Central Scouting Service Mid-term Rankings

For Harvard:

Matt Hoyle - 16th rated North American goalie
Marshall Everson - #172 rated North American skater
Ryan Grimshaw - #210 rated North American skater

Other Notables (Some of which seem strangely out of place):
Colin Wilson (BU) - #9
Joe Colborne (Headed to Denver) - #30
Jimmy Hayes (Headed to BC) - #65 - man, has his stock plummeted
Julien Cayer (Headed to Clarkson) - #77
Nik Pokulok (Sasha's brother I assume at Northwood) - #96
Justin Daniels (At Kent and headed to Northeastern) - #102
David Warsofsky (Headed to BU) - #103
Antoine Lagoniere (Junior at Deerfield) - #104
Tyler Barnes (Headed to Wisconsin) - #112
Drew Daniels (At Kent and headed to Northeastern) - #113
Vinny Saponari (Headed to BU) - #122
Derrick Pallas (Senior at Nobles) - #139
Mark Goggin (Headed to Dartmouth) - #142
Joseph Campanelli (Headed to Yale) - #145
Pat Mullane (Headed to Boston College ) - #151
Danny New (Headed to Providence) - #157
Greg Burke (Headed to UNH) - #175
Ben Smith (Boston College) - #184
Paul Thompson (UNH) - #185
Paul Lee (Headed to Dartmouth) - #199
Nicholas Prockow (Headed to Colgate) - #207
Matt Reber (Dartmouth) - #208