Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Harvard Recruits & Final Central Scouting Rankings

Name - Final Ranking (Mid-term Ranking):

Louis Leblanc - 13 (18)
Alexander Fallstrom - 69 (84)
David Valek - 72 (76)
Brendan Rempel - 98 (85)
Marshall Everson - 181 (123)

Danny Biega is not eligible to be drafted until next year because of his age. Mark Luzar & Zach Mitchell (more coming on this new recruit) will not be eligible until the 2011 draft.

Daniel Ford, Andrew Calof, Conor Morrison (too old), and Luke Greiner were not mentioned.

Leblanc, Fallstrom, and Valek were all invited to the NHL combine from May 25-30 in Toronto

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Anonymous said...

What an amazing class to pull in! Can't wait to see these players in action alongside Rogers, the Biegas, and the rest.