Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Marshall Everson

A bunch of people who have seen Edina play have offered up some good takes on Everson. They are as follows:
1) Stood out to me much more so than Budish (Zach) or Lee (Anders)
2) Terrific finisher
3) Hard nose for the puck and puts up a lot of PP goals - Frequently in right place at right time
4) Does not create as much offense for himself as Budish and Lee do

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Anonymous said...

Interesting take on Everson, Budish and Lee have always been the playmakers for Edina, Everson has benifitted by playing with these two and thus his stats always reflect the 2-1 margin of goals to assists. Defensive responsibility and speed will be the biggest adjustment for Everson at the next level. Will have to learn to pass the puck as well as his new linemate will not be a childhood friend.