Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Louis Leblanc to Harvard?

There have been several mentions that Louis Leblanc will go to Harvard in 2009. What I have read and heard is nothing I would deem definitive, but stay on the lookout for more news on this front.

Opinions will span the spectrum, but many feel that Leblanc is a potential NHL first rounder. He was the best player for Quebec at the recent U-17 tournament.

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Anonymous said...

According to today's La Presse, the leading French language newspaper in Montreal, LOUIS LEBLANC HAS CHOSEN TO ATTEND HARVARD rather than play for Val D'Or in the Quebec Major Junior league or accept one of the offers from several other schools recruiting him (including RPI). If this is accurate, WELCOME TO HARVARD MR. LEBLANC--we look forward to seeing you in Crimson!

I should add, however, that the article is written by a non-sports reporter who might not have the best contacts for confirming this news. The reporter's article comments mostly on the many problems plaguing Canadian junior hockey (extreme violence à la Patrick Roy, negative impact on education, predominance of commercial interests, unethical activity of agents, etc.). I do hope that Mr. Leblanc has chosen to avoid the unsavory world of junior hockey and I wish him all the best as a student and an athlete in Cambridge.

For those who read French, the link to the article in La Presse is http://www.cyberpresse.ca/article/20080514/CPOPINIONS05/80513243/6730/CPACTUALITES