Sunday, June 22, 2008

Alex Fallstrom to Yale....I mean Harvard in 2009!!

Well, USHR seems to say Harvard, but Chris Heisenberg (who has been known to make edits quickly - see Anders Lee - has left Fallstrom has a Yale recruit. It appears (per USHR) that Fallstrom had planned on going to Yale about a month ago, but has since changed his mind and wants Harvard. Can you blame him?

In any event, here is the skinny on Alex:

He is currently a Junior at Shattuck-St. Mary's - the perennial prep school hockey dynasty in Minnestoa. as a junior, he had In 62 games for Shattuck, he had a 20-47-67 line with 28 pims, which was good for 6th on the team (Greiner was 4th with 80 pts) overall and best among Juniors.

Fallstrom is a power forward and plays a hard-nosed game. He skates well, has good hands, a good shot, and a knack around the net. A junior at Shattuck this past season, he has three options for the fall. He may return to Sweden to play Under-20s there, he may follow J.P. Parise to Des Moines, or he may return for his senor year at Shattuck.

Other blogs ( have said that Fallstrom is their favorite forward at SSM.

Welcome to Harvard Alex!!

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