Monday, December 10, 2007

Harvard Recruiting Hotbeds

I did an analysis of Harvard recruits from 2000 - 2009 (thus far), in order to determine in which leagues Harvard has had the most success. This is more of a quantity than quality exercise. Also, I tried to focus on when someone signed with Harvard - if a player signed while at Deerfield, but then spent a year in the USHL before matriculating, that player counted towards the Prep tally. Results are as follows:

Preps - 23
USHL - 9
EJHL - 7
AJHL - 5
BCHL - 2
Minny - 2
NAHL - 2
Midwest - 1

I'm not sure what conclusions you can make and it would be interesting to compare Harvard relative to the other Ivies who are competing for similar talent based on a certain academic threshold. It does appear that the farther West you go, Harvard's success wanes.

Anyone have any thoughts? Where does Harvard need to bolster its recruiting? How can it achieve this?

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