Monday, November 12, 2007

Harvard's Class of 2008

Thus far, Harvard's Class of 2008 (on paper) looks to be one of the strongest in recent years. In fact, one could argue that it rivals the Class of 2001 (Welch, Lannon, Cavanagh, Dov, etc) and has many of the same components. Thus far, the class consists of the following:

Matt Hoyle - Goalie - Indiana Ice
Ryan Grimshaw - Defenseman - USNDT
Colin Moore - Wing - USNDT
Eric Kroshus - Wing - Camrose Kodiaks
Sam Bozoian - Wing - St. Louis Bandits (returning as a sophmore)
Alex Killorn - Center - Deerfield Academy

Given the losses of Graduation to a very deep Class of 2005, Harvard would appear to have the following at the start of the 2008-2009 season:

Forwards - 14 (Seems light)
Defenseman - 7 (Seems light)
Goalies - 5 (Seems high)

My guess is that Harvard will be looking to bring in at least one more defenseman and one more forward for the Class of 2008.

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