Monday, November 19, 2007

Central Scouting Players to Watch - 10/31/07

As we know, NHL potential does not always translate into college success. The ratings translate accordingly:
A - 1st or 2nd Round Pick
B - 3rd - 5th Round Pick
C - Later Round Pick

The following Harvard recruits, potential recruits, and recruits we lost out on were rated as follows:
Joe Colborne - A - Denver
Matt Hoyle - B
Mark Goggin - B - Dartmouth
George Hughes - C
Derrick Pallas - B
Tyler Barnes - A - Wisconsin
Ryan Grimshaw - B
Colin Moore - B
Joe Marciano - C - Colorado College
Mike Biega - Limited Viewing
Marshall Everson - B

A couple of points:
1) Chris Heisenberg ratings do not necessarily see eye to eye with these ratings. Plenty of folks who received B or C ratings are relatively low on Heisenberg's list.
2) "A" recruits seem very hard to come by for Harvard. Harvard has gone after a few and lost them to some WCHA heavyweights. Harvard is probably best served by pursuing upper-echelon B players like the Ryan Grimshaws of the world (who everyone was after anyway).


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puck swami said...

The reason why the discrepancies between the NHL list and the Heisenberg list are that the NHL list projects players ideally suited to the NHL game (4-5 years down the road), and Heisenberg is ranking players by college potential (1-3 years down the road. Sometimes, there are overlaps, but a lot of great college players go undrafted, are still growing, etc.

Heisengerg's list is a much better list for looking at likely college impact players.