Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Armpit of America...

Yes, it's been a wile since I have posted. It's been a trying and difficult year to be a Harvard Hockey fan. And yet, like salt on a wound, the news gets worse and worse.

A few weeks ago, Andrew Calof, arguably the only potential impact forward Harvard has in its Class of 2010, was rejected by Harvard's admissions office. The irony of this is not that he was rejected, but that he was later accepted by Princeton - not exactly North Dakota'esque if you catch my drift.

The following is all speculation, but perhaps some folks in the know will chime in:

1) Harvard has too many players on the lower end of the Academic Index scale and thus, if/because Calof was on the lower end of the AI scale, admissions had to deny him
2) Calof was given a verbal admission subject to him needing to up his SAT or SAT II scores and he failed to reach the bar set
3) Admissions has it out for Donato

Let's also remember that Calof''s grandfather is a Harvard grad.

If Calof had been denied at Harvard and then went to a BC, that would not have raised any eyebrows...but to go to Princeton...something does not feel right about that given that it was admissions that sent Calof packing....


Anonymous said...

CJHL announced yesterday that Calof was scholastic player of the year. So it looks unlikely that it was an academic problem. Very strange.

Anonymous said...

word has it that it was his interview that did him in. Princeton doesn't require interviews for athletes.

Anonymous said...

And he's now the leading scorer as a freshman on the Princeton team. Something needs to change here.