Sunday, January 11, 2009

Checking in with Harvard Recruits

Well, this has been a trying season for Harvard thus far. And when a season starts to turn for the worst, it can be cathartic to take a glimpse to the future, especially when it is as bright as Harvard's.

This just in: Red Line Report projects Harvard's Class of 2009 as the #3 class in the nation behind Notre Dame and Minnestoa.

Class of 2009:

Marshall Everson (17-17-34, +21 in 13 games) - the leading scorer for Edina (2 pts more than Anders Lee) and leads the team in +/-, goals, SHGs, and GWGs. He is the 7th leading scorer in all of Minnestoa High School Hockey and is a likely finalist and potential winner for Mr. Hockey in Minnestoa. Marshall projects to be a scorer in college and should be expected to contribute immediately. His younger brother (Max Everson) is a very highly regarded defenseman.

Louis Leblanc (15-18-33, +7 in 32 games) - the 2nd leading scorer on his Omaha team and 6th overall in the USHL. He is far and away the leading scorer for his 1991 birth year as most of the folks ahead of him are 1988s. Big things are expected of Leblanc and he should be a mid to late 1st round draft pick in the 2009 NHL draft. Coming in, he may very well be the most highly touted Harvard recruit in the last 35 years.

Dan Ford (0-3-3, -12 in 26 games) - a puck moving defenseman, Dan has struggled in the USHL. Of course, playing for a subpar Sioux City team has not helped. Most expect Dan to be a mid-round draft pick, though I'm not sure what impact the USHL has had.

Luke Greiner (6-16-22, -11 in 30 games) - a small, but speedy forward.

Alexander Fallstrom (21-28-49, in 34 games) - He is tied for the lead in total points (leads the team in goals) with potential NHL 1st round pick, Eric Haula. He is a hard-nosed and gritty player who should be drafted this year. Illegal Curve cited him as their favorite player on Shattuck last year as a junior.

Brendan Rempel (0-4-4 in 31 games) - He is a stay-at-home defenseman who is not afraid to throw his weight around and be a physical anchor on the blue line.

Danny Biega (0-2-2 in 11 games) - does not bring the offensive flair of his older brother Alex, but is projected to be better in his own zone and can bring some offensive ability when he needs to.

Class of 2010:

(no recruits yet)

Class of 2011:

Mark Luzar - He is 6'3 190lbs as a 15 year old! Due to his age, not a lot of info out there, though he is considered by many the top Ontario defenseman for the 1993 birth year.

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Anonymous said...

Just a thanks from one of your readers for putting together this site and collecting all the info for us to digest. Keep it up, please.

This looks to be one of the best recruiting classes ever for Harvard with a special talent in Leblanc on top of a strong group.